Urban Gardening for Beginners

Urban Gardening for Beginners

Now that we have moved into our new flat and have two balconies, I am trying to make the best out of it! Both are facing the courtyard and there is not too much sun but at least in the mornings until late noon and I have read that for most fruit and veg 5 to 6 hrs of sun a day is sufficient. This is going to be some kind of experiment as I have not really demonstrated in the past to have a green thumb – but I have accepted the challenge.

So yesterday we have been to a garden center to buy potting soil, flower boxes, seeds and seedlings to get started. Actually it is supposed to be a bit late to seed tomatoes but I really wanted to so I did last night. This morning I put them out into the sun but in the next ten days to two weeks they have to stay inside to sprout before they can stay outside. This is exciting!

Also we have to decided to try to grow pepper and chard. The chard is beautifully red and green and for the pepper: Well there are little green plants for now…I find this really exciting and I am starting to ask myself why people only put boring shrubs on their balcony when gardening in the city can be so much more fun. But I also think this will be a lot of work for me to be able to have a harvest festival anytime “soon”.

Isn’t the chard beautiful? I can only remember using white chard for asian dishes so this will be something new and hopefully it will taste as delicious as it looks!

I keep you posted! Have a sunny day!


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