Steamed Salmon with Green Asparagus

Steamed Salmon with Green Asparagus

Tonight was a good opportunity to reactivate my bamboo steamer. I really love this thing and I believe that the food tastes much better than with using an electronic plastic steamer. It’s more fun anyways and it looks kind of cool. You can put it on any pot. The good thing with the two layer steamer which I have is that the flavours can circulate. This is especially interesting when mixing vegetables with meat or fish.

I put green asparagus with fresh garlic and ginger on the lower level and salmon with lemon slices on the top level and closed the lid. I let it steam for about half an hour. A definite advantage of using a steamer is that the salmon stays juicy and tender and is not drying-out.

It tasted super fresh and healthy. It is also a very light meal. However, having the salmon with Aioli is a must!


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