Mushroom Risotto with Roquefort

Yesterday I overdid my love for cheese. Seriously. The Roquefort I bought for the mushroom risotto was so good that I already pinched a lot while cooking and then I carried it to extremes by putting the whole 200g piece into the risotto. It was super tasty but afterwards we were so stuffed..

risotto mushrooms

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I discovered this really interesting concept followfish. Now that more and more people are interested in where their meet and fish comes from, the more of these great concepts are being launched, which is great!


followfish tracking code

On the side of the package, there is a tracking code, which you can tpye in on the followfish website. My codfish was born and raised in the glacier valleys of the Shetland Islands. The website also gives you information on the organic standards and the transportation route of the fish.

I don’t know what you think but I find this concept very interesting!

I made a freestyle fish curry by the way.

Chicken Drumsticks Wrapped in Bacon

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Last night I went to the organic supermarket in our neighbourhood not knowing what we would have for dinner. I was quite undecided whether I would prefer meat or fish. I was late and so the choice of fresh fish was already limited so I took a look-around at the meat counter. Usually I always tend to look at the red meat but yesterday these beautiful chicken drumsticks caught my eye.

Instead of preparing a marinade, I wanted to give the chicken some flavour by stuffing some garlic and herbs under the skin. I also bought some bacon in order to give the chicken a more smoky flavour.

This would also be something to put on the barbecue. I think that the more garlic you use, the better it tastes – but this is also because I love garlic. I used different kinds of fresh herbs. See what you have at home/what is available and what goes well with the chicken. I used thyme, oregano and mint. Using mint with thyme and oregano is not a common combination but it gives the chicken a refreshing taste.

chicken drumsticks wrapped in bacon

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