Spring onions, tomatoes & red lentils with Indian spices

red lentils meal

The recipe for this Indian style dish is from a brochure I picked up at Whole Foods Market in London some time ago. The brochure gives ideas for healthy dishes with whole grains. Quite informative.

I don’t cook with lentils so much, because I don’t know so many good recipes. That’s why I follow quite a few vegeterian or vegan food blogs to learn more, because lentils are so delicious and rich in protein.

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One of my favourite Asian appetisers: Vietnamese spring rolls

rice paper

One of my favourite Asian appetisers are Vietnamese spring rolls. They are super fresh and it’s fun to prepare them. It is kind of the Asian version of Mexican Fajitas. I had a lot of them last December and January, when we spent Christmas in Cambodia and Vietnam. They prepare them on the lively markets and it is very interesting to see and try the various styles.

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Classic chocolate cake with crème fraîche

chocolate cake

At the beggining of June, I flew back to the UK for my graduation. It was so nice to see my classmates after finishing the course about one year ago. I also took the chance to see my good friend Anna in London, who also just finished her degree. We went to an interesting restaurant in Hackney called Bistrotheque, where we had a great and cheerful night. This was also the first time I had chocolate cake with crème fraîche.

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