Enjoying homegrown courgettes

When I planted little courgette seeds about two months ago I thought this was some kind of experiment. I would have never guessed that the little plants would totally take over our balcony so that we only had a restricted bbq-area. But it turned out that I really seem to have a green thumb. It was very interesting to follow the development of the plant and so tonight we finally enjoyed homegrown courgettes.

courgette on a plate

Little courgette plants
Little courgette

I didn’t want to make something special, I just wanted to enjoy the true taste of these courgettes. I cut the courgettes into very small slices and I briefly sautéd them in olive oil with a little bit of garlic. The quality of the courgettes was superb! I hope that the weather is going to improve, that summer finally comes and that the plant can blossom even more.

Speaking of summer: My new bike arrived. My old red one got stolen and now I have a new red one. A red bike and beautiful homegrown courgettes – what more can you ask for?


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