Bruschetta with homegrown tomatoes

bruschetta close up

We have so many tomatoes – it’s crazy! Despite the bad weather and all the rain in the past weeks, our balcony looks like a tomato garden. I picked all the very red ones on Saturday and today there are new red ones ready to be picked again. I love it! And the summer is back!

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Enjoying homegrown courgettes

When I planted little courgette seeds about two months ago I thought this was some kind of experiment. I would have never guessed that the little plants would totally take over our balcony so that we only had a restricted bbq-area. But it turned out that I really seem to have a green thumb. It was very interesting to follow the development of the plant and so tonight we finally enjoyed homegrown courgettes.

courgette on a plate

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Bringing in my First Harvest: 3 1/2 Radishes

Not a big yield but kind of an epic event (drum roll): I harvested 3 and a half radishes from our balcony! I sowed them about six weeks ago and the little plants were fast-paced. It was interesting to see the pink roots becoming stronger and stronger everyday and also the leaves became quite massive. So I was excited to finally pull them out.

First radish
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